Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/FIJ/6611 Strengthening Management Capability in the Fisheries Division Fiji 161,000
TCP/PNG/6712 Sustainable Development of National Fisheries in Support of Food Security PNG 283,000
TCP/PNG/6612 Strengthening National Capacity for Fisheries Conservation and Management PNG 94,000
TCP/SOL/4553 Strengthening National Fisheries Capacity Solomon Is. 81,000
TCP/VAN/4552 Strengthening of National Fishery Policy Vanuatu 31,000
TCP/RAS/6713 Assistance to South Pacific to Meet New Fish Regulations Region 165,000
TCP/TON/6711 Fisheries Sector Study Tonga 248,000
GCP/RAS/116 South Pacific Aquaculture Development Project-Phase II Region 4,182,155
GCP/INT/575/DEN Training in Fish Stock Assessment and Fishery Research Planning Region 4,900,000
Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
RAS/97/330 FAO/SPC Pacific Islands Forests and Tree Support Programme Region 1,090,000
TCP/CKI/6611 Assistance in Increasing Forestry Productivity Cook Is. 266,000
SAM/92/003 Watershed Management and Conservation Education Project Samoa 742,700
GCP/RAS/134/AsDB Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific-Phase II Region 4,000,000
Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/SAM/6612 Control of Giant African Snail Samoa 169,000
TCP/RAS/4555 Plant Quarantine Information System Region 165,000
RAS/97/331 FAO/SPC/AusAID/UNDP Regional Management of Fruit Flies in the Pacific Region 1,700,000
TCP/FIJ/8921 Integrated Control of the African Tulip Tree Fiji 120,000
Project Code Project Title  Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/PNG/4551 Assistance in Establishing a National Agricultural Research Institute-Phase II PNG 286,000
TCP/TON/4555 Introduction to Root and Tuber Crop Germ Plasm Tonga 124,000
TCP/TON/6612 Assistance in Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency Tonga 210,000
TCP/FIJ/6712 Development of Agricultural Statistics Fiji 280,000
TCP/SAM/8921 Agricultural Census and Statistics Samoa 244,000
SAM/98/002 Fruit Tree Development Samoa 703,000
SPFP/PNG/4501 Special Programme on Food Production in Support of Food Security in Papua New Guinea PNG 744,730
TCP/PNG/8821 Small Scale Irrigation Development PNG 279.000
Farming System Marketing:
Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/RAS/4452 Farming Systems Training for Sustainable Development in the South Pacific Region 288,000
TCP/VAN/6711 Agricultural Marketing Improvement Vanuatu 224,000
TCP/SOL/6711 Assistance to Prepare a Food Production and Nutrition Policy Solomon Is.  167,000
TCP/SAM/4551 Apiculture Development Strategy Samoa 99,000
Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/RAS/4451 South Pacific Pasture Improvement Region 339,500
TCP/CKI/4451 Assistance in Meat Processing Cook Is. 126,000
TCP/RAS/6612 Animal Health Information System Region 340,000
TCP/TON/4556 Assistance in Dairy Processing Tonga 205,000
TCP/TON/6714 Assistance in Dairy Processing - Phase II Tonga 96,000
TCP/SAM/6611 Milk Production and Small Scale Milk Processing Samoa 282,000
GCP/SAM/007/FRA Establishment of a Regional Reference Centre for Milk Processing and Marketing Tonga/Samoa 270,000
TCP/VAN/4551 Local Food Processing Vanuatu 171,000
TCP/TON/8821 Small-holder Forage Based Dairy Production Tonga 228,000
TCP/RAS/4451 Pasture Improvement Training Project Region 303,000
Project Code Project Title Country/Region Budget(US$)
TCP/TON/6713 Emergency Assistance Following Cyclone Hina Tonga 29,000
Assistance to Fiji Drought (pending) Fiji -
Assistance Following Cyclone Cora (pending) Tonga -