Project Code Project Title Country Budget(US$)
TFD-97/CKI/001 Establishment of Community Banana Block for Supply of Planting Materials for Women's Groups Cook Is. 7,250
TFD-97/CKI/002 Establishment of a Meat and Dairy Goat Parent Stock Cook Is. 9,950
TFD-97/CKI/005 Establishment of Root Crop Nursery on an Atoll to Generate Propagation Planting Materials Cook Is. 6,400
TFD-97/CKI/004 Bee-keeping Demonstration and Food Substitution Cook Is. 6,640
TFD-97/FIJ/003 Vuo Village Women's Project Small Scale Commercial Piggery Farm Fiji 9,900
TFD-97/SAM/001 Small Scale Commercial Bee-keeping Samoa 9,713
TFD-97/SAM/004 Lagoon Giant Clam Nursery Development in Fusi Safata Village Samoa 9,105
TFD-97/SAM/003 Fruit and Vegetable Gardening Aualuma a Sagone Samoa 6,250
TFD-97/SAM/005 Lagoon Giant Clam Nursery Development in Satoalepai Village Samoa 5,925
TFD-97/SOI/005 Kia Village Fishing Project, Santa Isabel Solomon 5,300
TFD-97/TON/015 Improved Drying of Fish Facility Tonga 7,500
TFD-97/TON/004 Vegetable Fruit for Holongo Village Women's Group Tonga 8,000
TFD-97/TON/012 Fruit and Vegetables Seedling Nursery Establishment,Pangau Communities Tonga 8,000
TFD-97/TON/013 Fruit and Vegetable Gardening Tongatapu and Eua Tonga 7,490
TFD-97/VAN/001 Yam and Banana Production for the Port Vila Markets Vanuatu 9,500